Steam Drum Level
Level Gauges & Guided Wave Radar
FIRST and ONLY Density Error Compensated Remote Level Indicator System &
Highest Grade Bicolor Level Gauges
Flame Scanners & Igniters
Combustion Turbine, Duct Burner
& any other applications
SIL Level 3 Reliability – Plug and Play
Proven Fiber Optic Technology

ZERO Leakage:
Restore Recirculation Valve Integrity
Recapture Lost Heat Rate

Patent Pending
Fail Safe Design
Adaptable to any Recirculation or ARC Valve
Retains 100% OEM Valve Components

About Our Company

Comprised of former HRSG OEM and Utility Power Plant engineers, PTS Power has been a trusted supplier of critical components to North American power generation facilities for nearly 20 years.

Gas Fired Generation

Solid Fuel Generation

Nuclear Generation

Efficiency & Reliability Solutions

Heat Rate Improvement: .2% to 1.0%

Upgrade Any Drive:

Magnetic Coupling
Fixed or Variable Speed
Eliminate Vibration Issues
Air Preheaters, Pumps, Kilns, Conveyors, Etc.

Heat Rate Improvement: .5% to 1.0%

Soot Blowers & Water Cannons
Spare Parts:  ALL OEMs
Boiler Efficiency Studies
Air Heater & SCR Online Cleaning

Heat Rate Improvement: .2% to .5%

New Pumps – Optimized for Process
Drive Upgrades: Magnetic, Fluid, Etc
HRSG Recirc Pump Upgrades
Circ Water & RO System Pumps

Heat Rate Improvement: .5% to 1.0%

Boiler Access Doors
Soot Blower & SNCR Panels
Superheater, Reheater, Economizer

Heat Rate Improvement: .5% to 1.2%

High Efficiency Seals Upgrades
Standard & Retractable Packing
Sensitized Seals
Turn-Key Turbine Services

Heat Rate Improvement: .5% to 3.0%

Online Continuous Tube Cleaning
Condensers and Heat Exchangers
Debris Filtration & Removal

Customer Support

Pipe Hangers &

Inspection Program
Rope Access: No Scaffolding
In-Situ NDE Inspection
New Custom Pipe Supports

Engineering Services

Design - Build - Retrofit
Boilers - Burners - Controls
Engineered FEED Studies

Protective Coatings

100% Solids Epoxy Coatings
Indefinite Life Extension for
Corrosion and Erosion

Steam Drum Level

Code Compliance Audits
ASME PG60 Training
Level Gauge Upgrades
GWR Remote Level Indicators

Duct Burners

Code Compliance Audits
Shortest Flame Length in Industry
In-Kind Replacement: all OEMs
Upgraded Metallurgy

SCR Ammonia

    -> Eliminate Electric Heaters        -> Eliminate Hot Gas Fans

SCR Pre-Heat Function


Our Principles